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What You Need To Know

Program Details

We have developed a modern view of our program workshops and offer a plethora of fun summer art class activities, including:

  • Create beautiful artworks every day

  • Learn new artistic techniques

  • Master their skills in drawing, painting, and character development

  • Exploring the art of calligraphy, anime art, and mix media projects

  • Practice self-care and wellness learning how to maintain proper ergonomic poster.

  • and much more…

Age and Skill levels
Junior Group: 7-11 year old
Senior group: 10 -15 years old

Advanced student age varies up to age


Time Options
Full Day: 9am -4pm
Half Day AM: 9am-12pm
Half Day PM: 1pm-4pm
Extended Hours: 8am-9am and/or 4pm to 6pm
Fees (incl. all applicable taxes)

Full Day: $325 per week
Half Day AM or PM: $159-189 per week

Extended Hours: additional fee
Flex-Full Day: $60 per day
Flex-Half Day: $40 per day



Young Girl Painting

Things to remember

  • Bring your own lunch, snacks and drinks.

  • Art@TheFort will supply all materials.

  • No assigned smocks or aprons will be shared.

  • Students should dress in something they don’t mind getting dirty aprons do not provide complete protection from all accidental spills or splashes of paint.

  • Art Kits are available for purchase at a nominal price (optional).

Young Girl Painting
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